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Expecting a Baby Huggy Wuggy! *DIY Nursery & Room Makeover for Parents*

0:30 An essential flexible product for DIY/ Cardboard boxes.
0:48 Together they made a comfortable cushion/ Pillows.
1:16 Colorful insect web/ Tulle.
1:42 Pretty and also adorable cradle/ Pool noodles.
2:12 Protect your youngster from table edges/ Rubber duck.
2:29 Fluffy pom poms all over!/ Pom pom manufacturer.
3:20 Make your illustrations right into a cinema/ DIY Projector.
4:08 No a lot more dull chair/ Chair.
5:19 Mini blackboard/ Casserole meal.
5:53 Animal clothing wall mounts/ Plastic playthings.
6:32 DIY Tent in the space/ Cardboard boxes.
7:29 Cloud light/ Towel owner.
8:05 It made a wonderful wall surface rack/ Shoebox.
8:28 Hidden treat dish/ Chair.

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This is a tale concerning a woman that’s mosting likely to be a mommy. She enhances her area to be the best baby room for her future child with vivid as well as charming things, like rubber duckies, pom-poms, silk textile, as well as swimming pool noodles. She additionally made a mini-tent for the child inside the space!
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